(di) vol. 5 – (Dickinson)

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(di) vol. 5 cover - Dickinson

The revery alone will do, if bees are few
Emily Dickinson, To make a prairie

Here we are again, with a brand new issue of our collaborative publication featuring ten authors for ten wonderful contributions:

– Eva Gerd, The Anatomic Garden

– Nicoletta Ceccoli, Play With Me

– Natalie Christensen, The Deconstructed Self
– Silvia Grav, Lost Photographs
– Selina Mayer, The Forest

– Giorgio Ghiotti, Bologna

Writing (short stories)
– Reshma Ruia, The Day After
– Irenosen Okojie, Kookaburra Sweet
– Giselle Leeb, Moonlighter

Writing (non-fiction)
– Claudia Boscolo, Autofinzione e iperbole nel linguaggio trap

Cover image: © Natalie Christensen, Parking Lot, 2017.

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Enjoy the reading…

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